Saving the planet. One computer at a time.

PrimeTime Digital has teamed up with Ridge Meadows Recycling Society, to offer you a way to “trade-in” any of your old computers towards a new laptop or desktop.

Please do not throw away your older technology products in the trash. Help keep the environment clean and avoid adding any waste to the landfills across the country. By trading-in your older computer products, you are helping to save the environment and rewarded with value towards your new laptop or desktop.

How it works:

Customers are responsible for clearing the memory on all devices being traded in.
Customers will receive their trade-in discount at the time they trade in their system at PrimeTime Digital – a credit cannot be placed on their account.
One trade-in per invoice.
A system must be traded in to get a discount on a new product.
We will only recycle products that are approved for recycling in British Columbia.

How much do I get for my stuff?

The age, condition and the original accessories included will affect the trade in value of your items.

What do I need to bring with me to the store?

To get the most value for your trade-in, make sure you bring any accessories originally included with your device, such as cables or batteries.

To comply with local laws, please bring a valid government-issued photo ID in order to complete your trade-in. You must be at least 18 years old to conduct a trade-in. Local laws may also require us to collect some personal information from you in order to process your trade-in (examples include: copy of your driver’s license, etc.).

For more information, simply contact us today!