Web design services in Maple Ridge

PrimeTime thrives to make sure your website is optimized, efficient, and built to the latest standards. Using latest technologies and scripts, we provide:

  • Interactive Galleries
  • Slideshow Installation
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Content Management Systems
  • Image Optimization & Enhancement

Custom web development

At PrimeTime Digital, we design websites around your market, genre, and company style. We can review your competition and provide high quality design. A visitor may view your page for five seconds or less, so we need to capture their attention! Adding tracking tools can provide great knowledge on where your visitor traffic is coming from, the length visitors stay, and return rate. Keywords in our search engine optimization package can increase Google rank and publicity without paying for expensive ads.

Web & email hosting

PrimeTime brings additional assistance by supplying email and web hosting. Furthermore, assistance in code adjustments, graphic color correction, web-based advertisements and photo optimization can be provided at a Members Only value. While hosting with PrimeTime, you will be privileged to an exclusive price which will allow fast, cost effective adjustments for future advances in your website. Advertisement Systems can be applied to provide an increase in revenue, and bring in affiliations with other companies. You choose the price you sell ads by date range, impressions or cost per clicks.