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Dota 2 e-sports betting tips

Dota 2 e-sports betting tips

As with all sports betting, don’t waste your money by placing bets on sports you have no knowledge of. So, the first step is to study the game well. Download the client on Steam, play the tutorials, get familiar with Dota 2 and its terms. It’s free-to-play.

An important tip: there is no guaranteed bet. There are no magic formulas. Betting involves risk and that’s what makes it exciting and can be profitable.

After you learn how to play, watch a lot of Dota 2 matches to see how the pros act. Understand the strategies.

Besides watching, follow the analysis and comments of the experts. Read blogs, get to know the best teams and players. It seems that we are talking about football betting, right? So, betting on Dota 2 or any other e-sport (or traditional sport) requires the same level of understanding.

Where to watch Dota 2 live

Dota 2 e-sports

With the best betting sites streaming hundreds of different e-sports events live on a daily basis, it’s very easy to bet on Dota 2 while watching an e-sports match. The image above is from a GGBET live stream.

In addition to the sites, sports and internet channels stream, but the advantage of watching on the site where you are betting is that the delay of the transmission is less. For live betting, seconds make the difference. Unfortunately, not all good betting sites with Dota 2 have streams.

Some sites have requirements to be able to watch the matches live. Betfair and bet365 ask for a minimum account balance. 1xBet, 2Bet and Betwinner, for example, require a registration.

GGBET, a site focused on e-sports, broadcasts on the site directly from Twitch channels.

The Dota 2 tournament calendar

The cherry on the cake, the event that all the great Dota 2 athletes want to participate is undoubtedly The International, which usually takes place in August, annually.

The World Cup is the one that pays out the best prizes in e-sports. The last five The Internationals are the record-breaking events in payouts, with the 2019 prize pool for champions topping $34 million.

To reach the world championship you have to go through a very difficult circuit, the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), which has 5 majors and 5 minors.

Besides these events, there are the national leagues, which qualify for the DPC. Here the biggest tournament is CBDOTA – Campeonato Brasileiro de Dota 2.

The best part of following all these events is to know the teams and stars of the modality and be able to make bets on Dota 2 with the best possible foundation.

Dota 2 or LoL: where is a better bet?

Dota 2 e-sports betting tips

The two most popular MOBAS in the world have more similarities than differences and therefore the betting sites with League of Legends also offer Dota 2 betting.

This does not mean that by mastering the betting on LoL, you will know how to bet on Dota 2 and vice versa.

Even though they are games with similar gameplay, LoL and Dota 2 have many differences between classes, AI behaviour and, of course, between their stars.

The difference between heroes and champions allows for different strategies, and that’s where the fascination in these two e-sports lies.

As they are two extremely competitive and organized sports, I dare not say that it is better to bet on League of Legends or Dota 2, but those who can master both markets can profit from the best events of each one.

Is it worth betting on Dota 2?

One of the three biggest e-sports in the world, one that pays out the biggest prize pools and is produced by one of the world’s best known studios. These credentials show why it’s well and truly worth investing your time and money by placing bets on Dota 2.

The calendar is filled with competitions that never stop, and by knowing the best betting sites with Dota 2, you can understand the best markets and follow the biggest teams in the world in their daily struggles for supremacy in e-sport.

Good betting!

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