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CS:GO betting and available markets

CS:GO betting and available markets

The most popular bets on betting sites with CS:GO are the same as in any other sport: winner and correct score (in the case of games with defined sets, like volleyball and tennis).

But let’s see what are the main types of bets in CS:GO. 

Free CS:GO betting site

CS:GO betting site

Here we start going down different paths. There are the legal gambling sites that eventually offer free bets and other promotions to their customers – under certain conditions, of course – and sites that players seek to get free skins for their in-game equipment.

The latter are usually unofficial, unsecured platforms where players bet their leftover skins on roulette games (usually roulette, but there are other odds games) in search of more in-game coins to buy coveted new skins.

But, what are CS:GO skins?

Like so many other games of all types, CS:GO offers the possibility to customise the items a player owns.

Paint your sub-machine gun, put a cool sticker on your knife, details in uniforms… are numerous possibilities for customization of a character in CS:GO.

The skins (from the English “skin”, but that can refer to any external layer of an object) do not offer absolutely no advantage to the player during a match, but it brings the feeling of exclusivity, of status, of being someone recognized in the universe of the game for having a rare item with you.

In addition to the status, the skins allow you to pay tribute to great players by using items equal to their idols, or to highlight the “character” during a live broadcast on Twitch TV, for example.

With the creation of new items, new skins are created, and some of them are quite rare, and are an important part of Valve’s revenue.

Players buy these skins from the developer’s shop. And players can also trade among themselves. Some skins are worth thousands of dollars. And Valve sometimes interferes in its sales policy to keep things under control.

So, what these CS:GO betting sites with free coins do is exchange the skins the player wants to get rid of for virtual coins that aren’t actually free, since there are one or more game items involved in the trade. 

Once in possession of the coins (bonus codes giving more coins are sometimes offered), the player places bets on a roulette wheel, just like in a casino, in search of more coins. 

If he manages to win, he can buy new skins with the coins. The danger is that these sites are not official and some are not reliable.

And, in the worst case, Valve has the right to close these sites whenever it wants, because it believes that they break the rules of the company.

E-sports grow and attract attention

CS:GO betting odds

E-sports are a recent form of entertainment that only in the last few years are being organized as entities and holding major championships.

Some have existed for more than 20 years, but if we compare it to football, it is something very new.

Anyway, the sport attracts a public largely different from the traditional bettor, so we will show you step by step how to place CS:GO bets and make some money while cheering and having fun.

The first experiences of bookmakers with e-sports happened in 2010 and the Pinnacle site was one of the first to open markets for electronic games

And to this day reaps the rewards for it, with the credibility acquired in these nine years of experience and sponsorship of CS:GO and League of Legends (LoL) events.

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