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How to bet on Dota 2

How to bet on Dota 2

For those who already have experience in sports betting, the process is the same as any other modality. You must choose the event, the market you want to bet on and fill in the amount to bet on the form.

The difference is in the markets available

If in a UFC fight the bets are made on who will win, in what way and in which round, in Dota 2 bets what is available for choice is the number of kills, who will make the first blood, who will bring down the first tower, these facts inherent to e-sports.

As an example, here follows a reproduction of the pre-match market between Natus Vincere and FlytoMoon. A balanced game, with slight favouritism for Natus Vincere, who therefore pays slightly less.

The choice here was that the match will be decided only on 3 maps, meaning that it will end 2-1 for one of the sides. The odd, here, is 1.81, which means that for each $1 bet, the house will pay $1.81 in case of success. (Highlighted in red)

After selecting this market, the betting sheet will open on your screen, and I must enter the amount I wish to bet (highlighted in blue). Then just confirm by pressing the green “place a bet” button.

Dota 2 betting and available markets

Dota 2 tips

The most common market in Dota 2 is the 1 x 2, the one in which we bet on the winner of the match. A Dota 2 duel is usually played on a best of 3 maps, in the same model as CS:GO.

This also creates the market of the exact result. There are four possible outcomes: 2 x 0, 2 x 1, 1 x 2 and 0 x 2.

The vast majority of bets are placed pre-match, but there are emerging markets during matches, which guarantees fun and betting for punters.

The best markets to bet on in Dota 2 are:

  • First Blood: Who will be the first team to kill an enemy hero? This is a good guess to make while the match is in progress. And as an important tip, not always the most aggressive team is the one that gets the first blood. In about 50% of the cases, it is the defensive team that gets the first kill in the game.
  • Team destroying the first tower: Although not a good indicator to know who will win the game, it is a good live market. Who has the knack of the game will know which team will make this bet in Dota 2 to profit early in the game.
  • Which team will have more kills: Another great live market to bet in Dota 2. Observe the behaviour and strategy of the teams and keep an eye especially on the supports and position one and how they perform their functions. It is important to note that not always the winning team of the game is the one with more kills.
  • Which player will have more kills: Usually two positions are responsible for taking this “trophy”. The position one and the mid solos. So, by knowing the game and the players, eliminating the number of possibilities from 10 to 4 players greatly increases the chance of success in a Dota 2 bet in this market.
  • Team that will kill Roshan: The most powerful creep of the map is guarantee of much gold and xp for who kill it first. This guarantees an important advantage in the war for resources. As this honor is usually in charge of the offlane, see which is the most effective during the game before investing your money in this Dota 2 bet.

The mechanics of a match

Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 is an e-sport classified as MOBA (multiplayer online arena). In a Duel of the Ancients 2 match, two teams of 5 players each fight to destroy the enemy base.

In a professional competition, matches take between 40 and 60 minutes, but in 2015 one game took up to 3 hours to finish.

In Dota 2, the enemy base is called Ancient. And, just like in its competitor LoL, the base can only be destroyed after all the towers of one of the three lines (lanes) of the game have been eliminated.

Players start at level 1 and as they kill enemies, creeps (minions controlled by the AI) and destroy towers, they gain XP, level up and get gold to buy better equipment.

Here, more similarities with its “little brother”, League of Legends. The three lines on the map are interspersed by the jungle, which is filled with creeps and powerful creatures (both neutral monsters) to challenge players and provide them with XP and gold.

The hero classes in Dota 2

The game has more than a hundred heroes, each one with unique characteristics, which allow numerous strategies for the team.

They are divided into 8 different classes. As in a match there are five heroes on each side, it means that different tactics can leave aside certain classes. This guarantees unpredictability in the game, which is excellent.

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